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    Пусть весь мир узнает правду о войне на Донбассе. Алёна Кочкина / Alyona Kochkina

    Просмотры: 3 Добавил: XepcoHec XepcoHec 
    Описание материала:

    #DonbassAgainstNazi#SlavyanskStalingradThe Kiev Junta offense.Let the world know the truth about the war in the DonbassTV programme "In point of fact"An interview with Alyona Kochkina I want to explain immediately. Was filmed story that two tankers of the Ukrainian army were captured by anti-fascist people's militia fighters. One of the tankers wants to go over to the LPR. After a conversation with his mother, something in him snapped and he decided to fight on our side. Ukrainian media announced these shots as staging. I'm a citizen of Ukraine, I'm ready to bring the truth as Ukrainian journalist. I'm ready to give my materials on Ukrainian TV channels, if they will show them with no change. But they don't need the truth. Now Western journalists are interested in my stories. We will cooperate. Let the world know the truth about the war in the Donbass.

    Язык: Русский
    Длительность материала: 00:15:32
    Автор: newsanna
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